TY Sleep Riviera

TY Sleep
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    Lively, reactive support and precise, yielding comfort

    Interactive Base Coils
    Twin $1935 ~ Full $2625 ~ Queen $2760 ~ King $3690

    ~ A precise and active feel that contours to fit your body's curves
    ~ Patented interactive coils provide articulate support (Queen)
    ~ Natural Talalay latex for a soft and flexible surface feel
    ~ Breathable stretch cotton wool quilted cover for cool, dry sleep
    ~ Four firmness options to choose from ~ dual-sided for couples
    ~ Able to be modified after delivery for years 
    ~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last

    The Riviera is for those seeking über articulated back support. The interactive coils allow a truly 3D active support while providing conforming support. This is definitely our go-to mattress for all the folks the with extreme need for precision support. The Riviera mattress begins with a base layer of individually encased interactive coils for exceptional, independent body support. Made in Germany, these high carbon steel coils are center glued and nested in a honeycombed pattern. These interactive coils feature alternating rows of higher and lower coils with different diameters and gauges. Our exclusive innovative design creates highly ergonomic comfort through increased surface contouring and 3D support that follows the curves of your body. This is also why this is the only spring mattress with true ergonomic function on adjustable beds. Simply put, this produces remarkably even pressure for comfort and articulates correct spinal alignment for restful, rejuvenating sleep. 

    The interactive base coil is topped by a two inch layer of the finest pure 100% natural talalay latex foam to provide all the cushioning you could want without forming the premature sags and depressions that thicker synthetic padding will. This latex cushioning provides exceptional resilience and ventilation. Each mattress is covered in the organic stretch cotton to allow better pressure relief through increased body conformation. We quilt to 100% pure Merino wool to provide the climate comfort of thermal insulation and moisture regulation. You will sleep better in a drier, more breathable sleeping environment.

    This classic is well loved by both engineers and artists... and for those interested, this classic it has a over a 15 year track record of performance with ridiculously few service issues. 

$ 1,935.00
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