Tips for Crafting Commercial Furniture


If you’re an entrepreneur living your life’s passion, you’re probably living this wry observation from Pablo Picasso: “It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction.”

A large part of this allure is enjoying your environment as much as your customers—with quality furniture setting the ambiance to encourage social interaction and productivity.

For example, Third and Hollywood Restaurant is a top eatery in Columbus, Ohio. We were asked to design-build pieces there in four weeks. (BTW, this lead-time is uncommon for us.)

At our Custom Portfolio web page you’ll see a cherry and walnut burl host cabinet from this restaurant project warming up a stone façade. It’s equally at home by your fireplace, as a handsome console table or an entertainment center for flat-screen TVs.

We were also fortunate to have been commissioned by ‘Friends of the Ohio Governor’s Residence’ to build a Black Walnut music stand from our Fluidity Collection for the governors mansion where it is now displayed.

From architects and interior designers to corporate clients, we do fair amounts of custom marketing, award, display and art pieces. For instance, a local corporation commissioned a stand to display artworks by an artist they are sponsoring. This elegant and understated custom piece does triple duty—by also articulating corporate lineage and the people sponsored for humanitarian work.

Tips for Commercial Projects:

  • What is the budget?
  • For how many pieces?
  • What will each piece function as?
  • How reasonable is the deadline for quality, handmade delivery?

We focus on crafting unique solid wood and high-quality plywood—not trim work or paint-grade work. We welcome your commercial inquiries!


By Tarik Yousef

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