How an Engineering Background Drives Artistic Innovation

When clients hear of my engineering background, they’re surprised and intrigued how such training translates into informing my self-taught, handmade fine furniture. In enjoying our practical, heirloom-quality pieces, they’ve asked me to share my “secrets.” Here are some.

What Drives My Innovation?

“Passion!” Essentially, I’m passionate about:

  • transforming Nature’s beauty into functional use for daily living;
  • designing and building the very best furniture from homegrown natural sources;
  • seeking new ways of looking at the world of design-build;
  • learning the art of unlearning old notions to better innovate for current needs.

That’s why I’m constantly thrilled by serendipitous discoveries.

This notion of “thrilling serendipity” may make you smile, but my discoveries excite me no end to keep on innovating. Simply put, this is my secret in forging ongoing innovations that benefit my customers—in finding real value with every handcrafted piece from our studio.

What’s My Design-Build Process?

Take for example, our Cantilever Line.  It took me five years to imagine, test, refine and hone to the point where three pieces of wood finally came together as a solidly handcrafted piece of elegant furniture.

How do we do it?

  1. We build dozens of models using various construction methods.
  2. Each construction method is rigorously tested and analyzed.
  3. We analyzed flaws and imperfections to further research and test fail-proof design-build methodologies.
  4. Coffee and side tables, for instance, are tested in my home for daily utilitarian purposes.

Bottom Line?

Every item that leaves our studio distinctively reflects our lifetime guarantee for the highest quality furniture. I continue to check in with clients:

  • on how our pieces are meeting and serving their needs,
  • for constructive feedback, and
  • in my understanding of how they use furniture—and I’m often surprised that they’re used beyond the original design purposes!

Ultimately, your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


By Tarik Yousef

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