American Leather: High-Quality Furniture Designed to Last a Lifetime

American Leather: High-Quality Furniture Designed to Last a Lifetime

As you might have noticed by now, we carry a few other furniture brands aside from our very own T.Y. Fine Furniture. American Leather is among these brands, and we are very proud to have partnered with a company that exhibits a very similar spirit of craftsmanship and engineering excellence as ours. 

These are the reasons why we’re happy to have American Leather with us:

1. American Leather blends tradition and technology

Furniture from American Leather has superb upholstery. They give the credit to Italian Master Craftsmen, who trained the staff to achieve this level of workmanship. Years ago, the company founder sought the help of Italian experts and convinced them to fly from Italy to the headquarters in Dallas, Texas. 

Armed with trade secrets, the company also developed a technology-focused factory that allows them to optimize their process. They honor the traditional craft and use innovative modern technology to hone it even further.

2. The company values sustainability

American Leather utilizes wood that is sourced from sustainable forests to build the furniture’s foundation. They also use water-based pigment and glue, and they keep the foam, leather, and fabric free from fire retardants.

Meanwhile, we also like to keep things organic and eco-friendly in T.Y. Fine Furniture. We source solid wood from sustainably managed forests as well and use organic ingredients for our wood finish. While our sustainability practices may not be exactly the same, we appreciate that they value the environment as we do. 

3. Durability is a guarantee

We aim to create heirloom-quality furniture pieces, and we’re glad to carry a brand that also prioritizes durability as we do. American Leather does this by using “high-performing” materials for the wooden foundation, foam, and webbing. Then, these materials are put to good use at the hands of some of the finest furniture builders in the country.

4. The furniture is stylish and functional

American Leather creates chairs, recliners, and sofas that are sleek, modern, and functional. We think these are important qualities because we also aim to produce beautiful pieces that are practical enough for daily use. Because of the overall minimal style they exhibit, many of their items go quite well with our solid wood furniture. 

Our showroom in Columbus, Ohio features the greatest selection of American Leather, along with the most experienced staff who has over 17 years of experience. If you want to know more about this excellent brand, visit us in our showroom and we’ll be happy to help you. You can also browse through American Leather products on our website. 

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