Shopping at a Furniture Store Near Me

Shopping at a Furniture Store Near Me

In this age of technology, you can simply type “furniture store near me” and discover many local businesses that run in your area. Sometimes, you give the local furniture shops a chance but tend to gravitate towards the popular and familiar. Or, you end up shopping online altogether. 

Getting your furniture from local stores offers benefits that large furniture chains don’t. You can enjoy the benefits further when local craftspeople make the furniture. 

This article teaches you the advantages of buying local furniture–and why it matters–especially when it’s locally made.

Ensure furniture is top quality

Search for “furniture store near me” and check each of the shops featured in the result. Sometimes you might even find local small businesses specializing in handcrafted furniture, and these stores are where you’ll get the highest-quality furniture or custom-made furniture pieces. 

Local furniture makers are pretty hands-on in creating each piece. The workmanship is better because they build each piece by hand, and their passion brings about a kind of finesse that you can’t see in furniture built mainly by machines. 

Mass manufacturers produce furniture on a much larger scale, and while they practice quality control, it’s not at the same level of attention that smaller manufacturers give. Plus, furniture retail chains don’t need individual transactions as much as local makers do—customers keep returning to big stores due to convenience, even if the furniture quality isn’t the best. 

For local artisans, every purchase counts, which is why they make it the utmost priority to make and sell the finest pieces. They know that selling substandard products can significantly impact their reputation, so they go the extra mile to ensure that clients don’t have any reason to complain. 

Enjoy the best, locally-sourced materials 

Part and parcel of creating high-quality furniture are using the best materials available. You are more likely to experience such a level of assured caliber from local furniture makers.

Compared to big retailers, small-time furniture makers are inclined to build products from locally sourced natural materials. Wooden furniture, in their case, is furniture made from actual hardwood and not particle boards with “wood” laminate. 

Aside from quality control, local furniture makers can cut costs by sourcing materials found in their area. For big companies, outsourcing from other countries is the cheaper option–but it’s not the same for small companies. 

Sourcing materials domestically helps local furniture makers save money from international shipping, taxes, duties, and logistics. 

Reduce environmental impact

Shopping for furniture at local shops is a more environmentally conscious choice, especially when the furniture sold is locally made. 

Here’s how local furniture makers reduce environmental impact:

  • Their goods and raw materials don’t travel far. Big furniture companies ship internationally to deliver goods and source materials. On the other hand, small furniture stores that source locally only need to move raw materials and customer purchases over a shorter distance. This dramatically reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • They use natural methods and materials. Many chain furniture stores utilize methods and materials (like Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs) that harm the environment. Local furniture makers are known to use better materials, like natural solid wood, instead of particle boards laden with toxic chemicals. Plus, they tend to employ safer production methods, too. 

Keep money within the community

When you buy local furniture, your money gets reinvested locally. The recirculation of money increases economic activity, which is a good thing for your community. 

How does your money circulate locally? When you spend money at local furniture stores, you help them earn. The profit they make, in turn, provides for local employment and helps build the local tax base, essentially supporting infrastructure. Moreover, local furniture makers usually source goods and materials within the community, which means that other businesses can also thrive. 

Furniture retail chains help stir local economies, too. But a large chunk of your money leaves the community, and few can benefit from it. Having your money recirculated locally creates a more significant impact in sustaining your community. 

Putting it briefly, when you spend more on local businesses, you contribute to nurturing a healthy community where people can feed their families and send children to school. Everybody wins. 

Save money

One advantage of shopping for furniture from stores near you is saving money.

Locally made furniture from small businesses will cost a little more upfront than at popular retail stores. However, you save money over time because you have invested in high-quality furniture that lasts longer. Unlike fast furniture, which unfortunately has a short lifespan, you don’t need to replace it often. 

Moreover, you can simply contact the furniture maker if you have a complaint; you don’t have to shell out money to return the item or pay the restocking fee. Many local furniture stores also provide free delivery or pickup. On the other hand, large furniture stores ask for hefty delivery fees and have meticulous (sometimes unfriendly) policies on returning items.

The Takeaway

The next time you search for “furniture stores near me,” don’t overlook the local shops that pop out in the result. These are where you might find unique furniture pieces of good quality. While they may be a bit more expensive, you get more value for your money–and end up supporting local artisans and the community.

If you’re going to spend money on furniture anyway, why not make sure it gets invested in a more meaningful way? 

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