Six Ways To Use A Console Table

Six Ways To Use A Console Table

Has anyone ever explained the significance of a Console Table to you? At TY Fine Furniture, we consider the Console table to be an indispensable component of every home. This simple piece of furniture serves multiple functions. First, they are available in innumerable styles, shapes, and sizes. They can be arranged in nearly any room of the house. Not only do they look amazing , but they also serve as a showcase for your favorite items and provide additional storage space; what's not to like?

Still unclear on how to utilize one? Here, TY Fine Furniture has performed all the laborious work. We have provided six uses for console tables.

What should you consider before purchasing?

Determine its function

Identify the function of your Console table. Is it a final touch for your living space or an additional storage unit?

Check your dimensions

Console tables are typically 30 inches tall and have a thin profile. They were designed for compact spaces. You can select from a variety of large and little options.

What design best complements the space?

Console tables are available in various forms to complement any interior design. You will discover everything from contemporary to traditional consoles. Determine whether one complements your current interior design.

1. A Foyer Table

A console table is the first item that comes to mind when considering hallway furniture. A foyer table is a standard in most homes; it serves as the first impression of your interior design to guests. You can instantly modify the appearance of your foyer. If your hallway is on the smaller side, there is a vast selection of narrow console tables that will suit nicely. Add your favorite statement pieces, such as ceramic vases and family photographs to create a welcoming environment the moment you enter your home. The additional surface area will enable storage for miscellaneous objects such as keys and scarves.

2. The Dining Space

A console table is a quick fix if your dining area feels empty. It gives a beautiful design feature that unifies your dining room. Utilize it to keep your everyday dinnerware or a buffet station for dinner gatherings. A striking mirror will add the finishing touch and expand the space. 

3. Sofa Table

Place your console table behind the sofa to eliminate dead space from your living room. Once you add your statement items, it will provide a beautiful focal point. A beautiful lamp placed behind your sofa will provide pleasant lighting for nighttime relaxation. Alternately, it can serve as an additional surface for drinks or the television remote.

4. Bar Cart

Since console tables are narrow, they are ideal for use as bar carts. A bar cart is a must-have item for your home if you enjoy entertaining. What better venue to showcase your finest cocktails and glassware? 

5. A Desk

You should not worry if you lack floor space for a workstation. A tiny console table can be put anywhere, allowing you to designate a home office space. It can be installed beneath the stairs or in an unused area if space is limited. You can add storage baskets and a floor lamp to further increase it’s utility. 

6. A Vanity Table

Have you always wanted a vanity but desired something less cumbersome? Instead, opt for a console table. A console table with open legs will allow you to place a bedroom chair or footstool underneath. Choose one with drawers to keep your favorite beauty products if you desire more storage space.

Who knew a console table could serve so many purposes? You will never again question the function of a console table. View our complete selection of console tables here.

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