Mattress Manufacturers Temporarily Cease Production amid Cancer Scare

Mattress Manufacturers Temporarily Cease Production amid Cancer Scare

At least three British-based organic mattresses manufacturers shut down operations

recently amid warnings chemicals they used in their mattresses were tainted.
Acting on warnings from BASF, a German chemical giant that notified customers
they shipped a bad batch of chemicals that could cancer, the trio ceased productionof the mattresses to test levels of various compounds in them.

The three, Silent Night, Simba and Eve Sleep, immediately halted production of
the potentially-infected mattresses to conduct emergency testing to verify the
safety of the mattress involved. All trio have since announced no mattresses were found to contain any contaminated materials.

Of course, people who sleep on organic mattresses don’t have to worry about the possibility of cancer-causing materials infiltrating their mattresses because
chemicals are not used in their construction. Nothing synthetic is utilized to
construct an organic mattress, so people who sleep on them never have to worry
their innocent slumber could lead to cancer.

So, go ahead and rest easy.

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