After the Mattress Honeymoon

Even if you invest in a super-high-end mattress, at some point you may wish it felt different than the “showroom sensation” you fell in love with when you bought it. You may be lucky and love everything about your mattress for years to come. But sometimes, needs do change.

You might experience an injury, or another change in your health that alters the degree of support or cushioning you need. You might find you prefer a different sleeping position than you did when you first made your purchase. Or, you might have a new partner who’s just not comfortable on a mattress that’s always been great for you.

With most mattresses today, when these things happen you’re out of luck and out of pocket, too. Shock and disappointment ensue. It’s upsetting, frustrating — and unnecessary.

The Proposal

When a mattress is designed with removable and interchangeable components, your bed can adapt to your body’s needs over time. The great majority of our customers “set it up and forget it”—for decades of comfortable sleep. But with a customizable Savvy Rest mattress, you’ll always be ready in case things do change.

For the first three months, you can exchange natural latex layers at no charge if you’d like to alter the feel. But even years later, you can add new layers (or half-layers) in completely different firmnesses if you’d like.

After the Honeymoon

A Savvy Rest natural latex mattress can meet your current and future comfort needs. Here’s how, even with ups and downs, your “mattress honeymoon” can last a long, long time.

Weight/fitness change

When you’ve lost or gained a significant amount of weight, the mattress may begin to feel different to you, and the amount of support you need may change. If you've gained a good deal, you might prefer a softer top layer to relieve pressure. If you’ve slimmed down or toned up, you may want a cushier surface or firmer support. Even both!

Back injury

New or persistent back pain could require something different some day. An acute injury can often be dealt with by simply moving a firmer layer to the top of the mattress while you recuperate. But if back problems become chronic, it’s good to know you can reconfigure your mattress for the exact amount of support you need.

Partner needs

Perhaps only one of you might want a change one day. With a customized Savvy Rest mattress with split layers, half-layers can be easily switched or added to change just one side of the bed.

Renewing Your Comfort

Happy with your mattress? Great! But remember, if you find yourself craving a little more luxury later on, you can always add a Savvy Rest mattress topper. With fabulous styles to choose from, you can create a new, deliciously deluxe surface —any time you’d like.

That’s how to stay in love with your mattress for years to come. Need some counseling? Just call or visit your Savvy Rest dealer T.Y. Fine Furniture for advice.

By Laura

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