T.Y. Fine Furniture: History, Nurturing the Arts and the Community


Founded in 2004 by Tarik Yousef, T.Y. Fine Furniture had very humble beginnings in a two hundred square foot college apartment basement.  Tarik was completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University but his true passion lay in the building of high quality, handmade, solid wood furniture.  After graduation he purchased property north of Columbus, Ohio and expanded into a 3,500 sq foot shop.  In 2012 he moved into a 13,000 sq ft building in historic Merion Village, south of downtown Columbus and opened his first showroom.  With the addition of luxury recliners, sofas and organic mattresses TYFF has become the premiere destination in Central Ohio for discriminating individuals seeking only the highest quality home furnishings.

Looking to enhance the community in which TYFF is based, Tarik and Sales Manager Wes Miller founded the Merion Village Farmers Market, and the Merion Village Music Series in 2014.  While both events, on the surface, would appear to not be related to the building of fine furniture, the important aspect is that TYFF is giving back to the community and helping build a network of friendship and community.  In addition, weekly “Meet the Builder” sessions are being held each Saturday from 10:00-noon this summer for those interested in meeting Tarik to discuss building a custom furniture item, ask repair questions, or get general woodworking advice. 

by Wes Miller June 22, 2015

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