The Custom Design Process




Determine if the Custom Process is Right for You

Custom made furniture means that you are purchasing a one of a kind piece of heirloom quality furniture that was designed and made specifically for you and your home.  The process begins with you having a basic concept of the piece you want, its approximate dimensions, wood type, perhaps a photo or drawing of a similar item that you like. The custom design process allows you to be intimately involved in the creation of an item that will be one of a kind and only for you.  Some of our customers really enjoy the design process however we have found that others may benefit more from customizing our existing collections.  Whatever your preference we will help you through the process and make sure that you are presented with the finest hand-made furniture available. Tarik Yousef will personally attend to every piece, from start to finish.  And his Sales Manager, Wes Miller, will be there to assist with the process as well. This means they will work to:

  • Help you determine the size, style and materials that best suit your needs
  • Explain all important details for every item to ensure you receive exactly what you’re looking for
  • Execute every design with an artistic eye and a perfectionist’s unerring attention to details

 **Please not that once the design process has begun it is extremely important that you follow up promptly with revisions/material selection or your project may risk delay in completion.

 Design Meeting

Tarik Yousef personally meets with clients to determine their needs, either at their homes or commercial spaces or via Email, Web Meeting or Phone. Since custom design is not for everyone, these meetings help clients discover their preferences—and if indeed purchasing collection pieces would be a better choice. Clients outside of central Ohio send photographs and specific measurements for their custom-made furniture, or email images and measurements.


Once clients determine their design selections, they receive copies of original sketches, drafts or animated computer designs to better understand in detail, how their bespoke furniture will evolve. When construction begins, clients are notified of start and estimated completion dates.


Your guarantee of top-notch custom furniture starts with our personally selecting wood boards with the design in mind. We use only premium solid wood that’s properly cured and won’t buckle or distort over time. Traditional hand tools and power equipment are employed in construction. If requested, we’re happy to send digital images of works in progress. You can also track the progress of your project through our client site (this is a website where customers can log in and see pictures, documents and most any detail of their project). Only the finest finishes and hardware are used—and specially selected to match your personal style.

 Customizing From Our Collections

We started out as a custom furniture design company; and we welcome customizing all items. Custom furniture typically costs more than a collection piece because of extra design time and labor. Therefore, there may be an added charge for customization. However, it’s still less for a customized collection piece than for customized furniture that’s specifically tailored to your needs. Please visit our custom furniture pages for more information on either: 1) customizing your collection item or, 2) for an entirely customized piece. As always, feel free to contact us for more information.


By Wes Miller

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