Top 5 Favorite King Wood Bed Frames at T.Y. Fine Furniture

Top 5 Favorite King Wood Bed Frames at T.Y. Fine Furniture

As they are durable and sturdy, wooden bed frames are a solid option if you want a timeless king-size piece in your bedroom. Upholstered and metal bed frames are also good options, of course. But they can hardly compete with the natural beauty of wooden bed frames. 

The material matters all the more in a king bed. If you want a king, you will want the frame to be stable and strong enough to support a huge mattress. Nothing beats solid wood in this department, so we highly recommend you go au natural for a bed this size. 

We have a decent collection of bed frames here at T.Y. Fine Furniture. All designs are available king-sized, even California King. You can easily browse for bed frames in our online shop. But we’re still helping you out by sharing with you our favorite king wood bed frames. 

Apollo Platform Bed

The Apollo Platform Bed can easily become anyone’s favorite. Inspired by Mid-Century Modern aesthetics, this wooden bed frame is truly an elegant piece of furniture that transcends time. The brass accents add a rustic chic element to the design, making the bed stand out even more.  

This king-size solid wood platform bed also comes in a different configuration. If you want a sleeker, more modern, and minimal look in your bedroom, you can opt for the model that comes with integrated side tables

Sunrise Platform Bed

The Sunrise Platform Bed is a stunning piece that is, in a way, the opposite of the Apollo bed frame. It shies away from the straight lines and tapered legs that are typical in Mid-Century inspired furniture. Instead, you see subtle but beautiful curves on both the headboard and baseboard, and the legs slightly thicken to the bottom. 

If you want a simple king size bed frame with the lightest touch of timeless elegance, the Sunrise Platform Bed is definitely for you. 

Essentials Storage Platform Bed

Functional with a sleek, no-nonsense design, the Essentials Storage Platform Bed is a solid option for limited spaces. With this piece, you can rest in a king-size bed while maximizing the space under it. 

This solid wood bed frame comes with or without storage drawers. Just let us know if you prefer to keep the under-bed area free-flowing. Depending on your specific needs, we can also adjust the drawer combination, including its location. 

Horizon Platform Bed

The Horizon Platform Bed is a Japanese-inspired piece with a shaker-like simplicity. You can see the Japanese influence in the headboard’s elegant concave curve and the Shaker’s inspiration from the clean lines and overall honest simplicity of the design. 

Designs from this collection are limited, but the Horizon king bed frame pairs well with furniture from the Enso collection, which are also Zen-inspired. This only tells us that this solid wooden bed is a versatile model that easily complements other styles. 

Custom Curly Walnut Platform Bed

This Custom Curly Walnut Platform Bed is definitely among the best that ever came out from the T.Y. Fine Furniture workshop. It was built using some of the finest curly black walnut wood we have ever had the pleasure to work with. To do justice to this exceptional wood, we book-matched each piece to give this bed a seamless and continuous texture.

This platform bed has integrated nightstands, reading lamps, and extra shelves, which are all convenient. But the best feature is the footboard. It was built as a single unit and curved around the front of the bed, giving it a sleek appearance. 

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