TV Units: 5 Tips to Choose the Best TV Unit

TV Units: 5 Tips to Choose the Best TV Unit

A TV unit is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can complete the look of your space and serve as storage for the other stuff you might have. Plus, it hides away the wires, which certainly helps in keeping your space clean and organized. 

If you’re looking for a TV unit, we have a couple of tips that might help you choose. 

1. Think about the size and shape of your space.

The size and shape of your living room (or any space) are essential factors to consider as you choose a TV Unit. If you have a large space, you could fit any size without hassle. Otherwise, you really need to measure your room and find a TV that’s appropriate for its size. The TV unit, meanwhile, needs to be at least 20 percent longer than the length of your TV. 

You might find it challenging to fit a TV unit in an odd-shaped space. In cases like this, go for a corner unit because the shape can be easier to work with in tight spaces. Or, have the furniture piece customized instead. This way, you can have a TV unit that truly fits your space, without having to skimp on the other features that you want to have. 

We can customize furniture or create totally new bespoke pieces for you. Check out our custom furniture portfolio or contact us directly to learn more about our process

2. Make sure the design allows for ample storage. 

A TV unit also provides storage for remote controls, gaming consoles, soundbar, and Wi-Fi router, among others. So, make sure that you choose a unit that can store all the tech and entertainment stuff you might need with your TV – including other items you need to hide away. 

For a brighter and more relaxed look in your space, choose a TV unit with open shelving. But if you don’t put away your things properly, this area can look very cluttered. A unit with closed cabinets can hide away any clutter effectively, and it can appear light and sleek, too, depending on the design. 

To have the best of both, go for a TV unit with open and closed storage like our very own Modern Entertainment Console:

TIP: Mount the TV on the wall so you can utilize the top surface of the media console. You might think that this defeats the purpose of having a TV unit, but it does work. Plus, the unit can shine like a statement piece when presented this way. 

3. Ensure the height is just right. 

The ideal TV height placement is 42 inches, measured from the floor to the middle of the screen. This allows a person who sits on a standard couch to watch TV at eye level. 

Of course, the placement can vary to suit your specific needs like your height and the seating arrangement you have in your space. What you would want to ensure is that you don’t strain your neck as you watch TV. 

Once you’re able to identify how high you would need to mount or place the TV,  you’ll be able to determine the right height for your TV unit. 

NOTE: TV and floor distance diminish as the screen size increases. 

4. Go for a minimalist look. 

As the adage goes, less is more, and this applies well to furniture choices. 

Furniture pieces that are minimalist-inspired are simple and functional, with more focus on clean lines and material exposure. Due to these features, they can fit nicely in any space.

This is why investing in a TV unit with subtle design details can be a smart choice. It is versatile enough to blend with any style you wish to go for. Plus, you end up saving money because you won’t need to replace your unit every time you redecorate your space.  

5. A different piece might be what you need. 

You might find that your space isn’t big enough to squeeze a TV unit in. Or, you simply might need the area to be multifunctional. In this case, just mount the TV on the wall and ditch the idea of having a TV unit. 

We suggest that you find an alternative that fills the space in a similar way a TV unit does – depending on your needs. For example, if you need a workspace at home but lack the space for it, you can go for a desk instead of a TV unit. 

You can have the TV mounted above it, at a height that’s just enough for when you watch TV from the couch or bed. At the same time, make sure there’s enough space between your laptop and the bottom of the TV. Keep everything neat and organized so that the desk can shine as a statement piece and anchor for your space. 

Our Enso desk would to great for this type of setup. Three cable grommets dot the back of the desk to provide clean and minimal cord passage. Hidden under the desk are cable tie locations for clean wire management. Check out the Enso desk here

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