How to Pick Out a Mattress

The whole process of selecting a new mattress can be intimidating and time consuming. But when you consider that you will be spending an average of 8 hours a day sleeping, it’s not a process that you want to enter into lightly.  First you need to look at the important basics.  Find a local dealer where you can go in and try out a different selection of mattresses.  We never recommend buying a mattress sight unseen.    How well is the mattress constructed?  What is the warranty?  Where is the mattress made?  Secondly, be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes trying out each mattress.  It takes time for people to relax and get comfortable in the showroom.  After all, you’re going into a strange place and then you have to lie down in front of people you don’t know.  Just go into the experience knowing that you will have all the time you need to try out all of the different options and ask lots of questions.  Thirdly, should you get all latex, springs and latex or a traditional inner-spring mattress?  For customers looking for a more form-fitting mattress with almost no motion transfer we recommend latex.  For those looking to have the density of latex but with a bit more flex we recommend the latex/spring combination. Memory foam and Air mattresses are popular with many consumers; they are form fitting, and provide great support, however, both of these mattress types contain chemicals and additives that we feel are unsafe for our customers.  These are not items that we carry for that reason. Of course, we are all familiar with the traditional inner-spring feel.  The fourth item to consider is any health issues you may have.  For example, back pain, breathing issues, and acid reflux, to name a few. For back pain we recommend a firmer feel.  Breathing issues could be driven by allergies to the chemicals in your old mattress.  A mattress with an adjustable base does wonders for our customers with acid reflux.

Written by Wes Miller 5/28/2015

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