How Custom Furniture Organizes Productive Flow

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Have you often paused—not for inspiration, but—in exasperation over clutter on your desk and work spaces? Then, take a breather to evaluate how best you can streamline workflow to enhance productivity.

Research shows we’re motivated to be more prolific when an organized desk helps focus activities, instead of wasting time looking for notes and paraphernalia. It’s true too that a chaotic desk reflects back confusion and angst.  Some insomnia is driven by a cluttered bedroom.  Please refer to “Is Your Bedroom Keeping You Awake”?

On top of it all, home office environments must transcend challenges imposed by a family’s use of limited spaces for daily living. The solution? Minimize clutter with functional furniture specially designed to encourage creative output.

 How Furniture Organizes Productive Flow:

  • Custom desk and hutch
  • Armoire or secretary with desk and storage spaces
  • Custom shelving and bookcases to fit awkward spaces

 Design Tips:

  • Select a quality wood—natural (selections are on our website in About/Wood Options), superior plywood that looks like natural wood, or bamboo?
  • Determine trim and accessories—custom hardware or efficient drawer slides?
  • Consider how technology impacts your flow—room for computer cords, phone chargers, printer and fax?

Voila! Your workspace transforms quickly to facilitate flow and simplify your daily use of technology.

Stay tuned for the next blog on design specifics to consider for a great, functional desk.

 By Tarik Yousef

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