For sleep as natural as it’s meant to be

For sleep as natural as it’s meant to be

Naturepedic crib baby

While the term “organic” is the latest buzzword for healthy, it’s really a throwback for what used to be called “common sense.” It’s only natural that parents would want the best for their children, starting from Baby’s Day One. For example, several studies have been shown it’s best for babies to sleep on their backs. So, more parents are putting their babies to sleep on their backs rather than their sides or tummies. But just as important as the position your baby sleeps in is the mattress your infant sleeps on.

That’s why T.Y. Fine Furniture is proud to have partnered with Naturepedic, an Ohio manufacturer of organic mattresses for babies, children and yes, even the big kids, like parents!

Constructed of the highest quality materials, Naturepedic mattresses are ideal for infants because they:

 Contain no harmful chemicals

 Contain no allergenic materials

 Are made from natural, organic and renewable materials, when

 Enjoy a practical design, such as an easy-to-clean waterproof

 Are tested and verified by independent and professional third-parties

In addition, Naturepedic mattresses are tested regularly for chemical emissions and certified by GREENGUARD Gold Certification standards. That’s not something to yawn at.

According to Parents magazine, newborns generally sleep 16 to 18 hours a day. Infants aged 2 to 4 months sleep an average of 14 to 16 hours. If you want your baby to slumber in a safe and chemical-free environment, see what our Naturepedic mattresses have to offer.

Come on in to see and feel why we partnered with Naturepedic. We think you’ll love their mattresses so much, you’ll need to buy a second alarm clock to make sure you get up on time!

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