Decorating With Chinese Money Plant

Decorating With Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant became a must-have during the pandemic lockdowns (Remember when everybody suddenly loved plants?), along with the usual favorites like Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, and Philodendron, just to name a few. We can see why. It’s gorgeous enough to serve as a decor piece, with its vibrant green, round leaves providing shape to spaces filled with straight lines and angles. 

We initially thought that people’s enthusiasm for this indoor plant species would die out eventually. But it’s still trending, making us believe it is here to stay. And why not? The Chinese Money Plant grows beautifully and is typically hardy and prolific. Plus, some believe it brings its owners good luck and fortune!

If you’re thinking of bringing this little charmer home or adding more to your current CMP collection, you must also wonder how you can style your space with it. No worries, decorating with a Chinese Money Plant is fun and easy, and we have a few ideas to help you get started.

Here are seven ways to decorate your space with Chinese Money Plants.

7 Ways to Decorate Your Space With Chinese Money Plants

1. Chinese Money Plant Nursery Cupboard

Allocate one corner of your home for your Chinese Money Plant collection. An easy way to do this is to display all of them in one open cupboard. You can definitely go big or go small, it’s simple enough to adjust as needed. 

Repurpose an old cupboard or build your own to showcase your CMP beauties, like this idea from This little space can also serve as a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing indoor nursery. 

2. Wooden Plant Box 

Placing your Chinese Money Plant in a wooden planter box is one way to keep things versatile. The plant by itself can already spice up your space, but by using a wooden box, you can give it a more rustic and natural look. You can transfer the piece anywhere around the house, and it’ll look good no matter where it’s placed.  

3. Vignette Star

Make your Chinese Money Plant the star of a vignette. If you’re unsure how to start, this post from @howlinsandra is a great example. Pick a few CMPs from your collection, preferably those in cute pots, add them to a mix of objects, then arrange everything as you see fit. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating vignettes. But a few things can make it more attractive and put together. Going back to the example, you can see that the prevailing colors are black and white. The green leaves provide a vibrant contrast, while the bluish hue from one pot gives an accent to the little tableau.

This said, to create a great vignette, choose objects with common elements (color or texture in the example) and find one object that creates a contrast.    

4. Chinese Money Plant Shelf 

This idea from Balcony Garden Web is a beautiful but effortless way to decorate your home with Chinese Money Plants. Simply put up a fuss-free shelf then fill it with your CMPs. Vary the shape and sizes of the pots to keep things interesting. 

5. A Coffee Table Full

Decorating with Chinese Money Plants doesn’t have to be complicated, so here’s another effortless idea. Just display all of them in one place, even a coffee table works. In this post, you can see that the homeowner kept a theme: clay pots. 

The pots’ uniform shape and color make the display clean and seamless, while the varying size and heights of both the plants and the pots create depth and movement. Plus, the pots’ terracotta color provides a tasteful contrast from the wall’s neutral colors. 

6. Jute Baskets as Plant Covers

Plant fiber as a material for home items is on trend. Use a jute basket to cover pots, like this idea from There’s just something about jute baskets that can amp up any home, giving it a more laid-back and bohemian vibe. 

7. Temporary Glass “Pots”

Chinese Money Plants are prolific, and it’s quite easy to propagate them. One way to do this is to cut off a stem with leaves from the mother plant, then nurture the stem cutting as a lone plant. You can transfer it to a small pot with soil right away. You can also let it grow roots in water. 

Use drinking glasses or clear vases (even beakers, flasks, and old liquor bottles!) as pots to keep things stylish. As you wait for the roots to grow, they can easily serve as statement pieces for your home. Change the water every 5 to 7 days or earlier, and the roots will emerge in about a week or two. 


NOTE: Chinese Money Plant thrives in bright light (not direct sunlight, though), which means areas near the window are ideal for this species if you’re growing it indoors. Just remember this as you decorate your home with Chinese Money Plants.  


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