Modern Furniture in Columbus, Ohio

Modern Furniture in Columbus, Ohio

Where can you find modern furniture in Columbus, Ohio? The answer is, a lot of places. The city is home to a number of furniture stores–huge retailers and local artisans alike. To make your search easier, we have come up with five places that offer modern furniture. 

By “modern” we mean Mid-Century Modern, the popular design aesthetics in the USA and Europe around 1933 to 1969. It has recently regained popularity, amidst the rising trend of minimalism and function over form in interior design. 

T.Y. Fine Furniture

Our very own T.Y. Fine Furniture offers some of the finest collections of modern furniture in Columbus, Ohio. The best thing about our homegrown shop is that all our products have top-notch quality. Not only will you find furniture with beautiful Mid-Century Modern aesthetics, but you will also enjoy pieces made with unique heirloom-quality construction.

All our furniture designs are minimal, timeless, and elegant, with a touch of natural simplicity that you see in Mid-Century Modern pieces. But we have one line that solely imbibes the style: our Modern Collection. The flagship product in the collection, the Modern Platform Bed series, is quintessentially Mid-Century Modern, from the tapered and exposed legs to the clean lines and minimal design. 

All our furniture is handmade in Columbus, with all parts sourced from the USA. Plus, our furniture is eco-friendly, made with sustainably harvested wood, and protected by an organic Zero-VOC finish. We provide our clients with a great in-store experience. Our Experienced team will help ensure that the pieces you choose work harmoniously with your space’s Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic. 


Also an Ohio-based furniture company, Arhaus is another great place to visit if you’re nearby Columbus. The in-store experience is quite inspirational, and as Arhaus is known for selling sleek and modern furniture, you’ll certainly find a piece that fits the look you want for your space. 

Not all Arhaus furnishing is locally manufactured. But the retailer partners with artisans from different countries to create high-quality furniture and décor that are beautiful, long-lasting, and sustainably sourced. Artisan partnerships, done through a strict code of conduct, may include rug weavers from India, upholstery makers in North Carolina, and woodworkers in Mexico and Italy.

American Leather

If you’re looking for comfortable and durable seats for your home, American Leather is definitely among the brands to consider. They offer a variety of couches, sectionals, chairs, recliners, and sleeper sofas that have impeccable style and construction. Although they have a wide range of designs, expect the furniture from this brand to be sleek, modern, and functional—which are perfect for Mid-Century Modern aesthetics.

American Leather doesn’t have a physical store in Columbus, Ohio. But we have the greatest selection of American Leather products in our T.Y. Fine Furniture showroom, along with the most experienced staff who has over 17 years of experience. If you want to know more about this excellent brand, visit us in our showroom, and we’ll be happy to help you. 

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is easily among the most recognizable furniture retailers in the country. And as expected, they also have an outlet in Columbus, Ohio. It’s known for curating high-quality furniture, home decor, and houseware with a distinctive aesthetic. 

Although Crate and Barrel’s furniture collections aren’t exactly locked into a single design category, their products are a mix of farmhouse chic and modern urban styles. This means that you’ll most likely find Mid-Century Modern furniture in any of their stores. 


Ikea is undeniably the favorite go-to furniture store for many people these days—and for a good reason. Compared to the other furniture brands on this list, Ikea offers more affordable products. Plus, they have a wide range of modular furniture, providing flexibility and variety for daily use. 

This said, you may find that Ikea’s selection is more minimal and Scandinavian than specifically Mid-Century Modern. But there are also pieces that could fit the aesthetic, especially those that look natural and untreated. 

If you want modern furniture that is practical and within reach of a tighter budget, Ikea is a good option.

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