Furniture Colors to Match Your Cherry Wood Floors

Furniture Colors to Match Your Cherry Wood Floors

Cherry wood is a beautiful and timeless type of wood that is a popular option for flooring and furniture among homeowners. Its natural reddish hue makes it appealing to many as it gives your floor a vibrant and classy look.

However, finding the perfect furniture to complement a floor that stands out can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, many furniture colors match cherry wood floors. Here are a few of them.

Neutral Wood or Upholstered Furniture with Dark Legs

Cherry wood flooring could turn any room into an elegant, expensive space. Furniture in neutral colors is an ideal option to give your room a more traditional feel.

Neutral tones like white and beige provide a contrast to cherry wood’s signature deep red color without the need for staining it. In particular, beige creates a cozy and calming feel in the room, and this color is also a versatile choice as it can work with other types of flooring.

Brown Leather Furniture

Brown is another rich color. When paired with cherry wood’s natural deep red color, brown leather furniture transforms any room into elegant living spaces that exude a warm yet luxurious atmosphere.

Pick a chocolate brown leather sofa for your living space. Pair it with matching armchairs and an ottoman to create a formal yet inviting space.

Burgundy Suede Furniture

Burgundy further amplifies the vibrant red hues of cherry wood without going overboard. Oversized upholstered pieces in suede make the room cozy and inviting.

Make things more cohesive by adding a neutral-colored accent to the room. A beautiful rug in beige is highly recommended to brighten up the space in a sea of warm tones.

Black Painted Furniture

If you want a sleek look for your room with cherry wood flooring, wood furniture painted in black is a viable option. As we all know, black complements red well, so black-painted furniture is a bold match to red cherry wood.

Black and red are a powerful combination of colors. So that the space does not appear overdone and overwhelming, color coordination is key. A rug in a cooler hue of your choosing can help balance things off.

Cherry Wood Furniture

Sometimes, there is no need to look far in searching for the perfect match for cherry wood floors. Cherry wood furniture could complement cherry wood flooring quite well, creating a bold and exciting living space that pops in hues of red.

Minimalism, however, is required in the equation. Keeping the design aesthetic minimal is essential because both floors and furniture are in shades of red.

How you match your cherry wood floor depends on your personality and style. Whichever way you take, make sure that you take care of your floors by using furniture pads or silicon pads to protect your gorgeous cherry wood floor from scratches that your furniture may cause.

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