6 Simple Bedroom Ideas for Bachelors

6 Simple Bedroom Ideas for Bachelors

Essentially, most people see a bachelor’s bedroom as no different than any other bedroom. But there are a few elements that can add masculinity and are often perceived as a style for bachelors. A creative play with these elements builds that masculine energy and makes anyone, the moment they enter the space, realize that a man owns the bedroom. 

Focusing on masculine energy, we’ve come up with a few bedroom ideas for bachelors. These ideas might work for your bedroom, too, whether you’re a bachelor or not.

Simple and Functional

Before going into the details, tackle the nitty gritty first. What does a man, or any person for that matter, actually need in a bedroom? Simple, a nice bed and a good mattress to last for ages. 

The next thing to look for is furniture for storage like a dresser, an armoire, and nightstands – basic pieces that make your bedroom a functional space. You can also have an armchair or a bench with extra storage space underneath. 

IDEA: Go for simple, natural wood furniture because they’re easy to work with, no matter which style you’re going for. 

Industrial or Rustic



What do industrial and rustic designs have in common? These designs celebrate authentic ruggedness and allow for natural beauty to shine. They’re all about stripped-back aesthetics, which may mean leaving spaces as they are and just working around them to make them more functional. 

The raw, rough details of an industrial and rustic bedroom may seem appealing to many bachelors out there, and we say go for it. 

The basic elements of an industrial design are metal and concrete. In a bedroom, this may mean leaving the grey, concrete floor untouched or embracing the charm of exposed brick walls, pipes, and steel beams.

Meanwhile, the rustic design is more centered on organic elements such as wood and stone. A rustic bedroom would have exposed wooden beams, old window sills, and the original hardwood flooring.  

Natural Wood Accents

If you’re not into the whole rustic look package, it may still be a good idea to bring in some natural wood décor in your bedroom. It adds warmth to the space and makes it even more inviting. 

There is just something about natural wood that cozies up a room. But interestingly enough, it also gives a masculine touch to the room, especially when the material has a darker hue. 

Natural wood pieces to accentuate your space – wooden hanging shelves, reclaimed nightstands, wooden headboards, wood lamps, and so on. 

Something Metal

Having a few pieces made of metal gives your bedroom that industrial vibe – sans the brick wall, exposed pipes, and “unfinished” concrete flooring. You can’t just strip off everything to achieve that raw look for your space, especially if you’re renting. 

A simple pendant light with black metal accents has an industrial look, and it’s very easy to incorporate into your space. Take it up a notch by using an Edison light bulb. 

Other items you can work with include – clothes rack made from pipes, a black metal bedframe, a black Nordic-inspired floor lamp, brass pulls, and knobs.

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can work with any space, a bachelor’s bedroom included. But with a darker hue, leather furniture can add a more masculine touch to the entire space. Other types of upholstery may be good choices, too, but leather is easier to maintain. Plus, it looks sleeker and more modern. 

If you have the space for it, you can go for a leather loveseat. A leather recliner with natural wood accents plus a matching ottoman is an excellent choice, too.

Lights and Deep Colors

Painting your walls in shades of dark blue, green, and grey can help build a mood in your bedroom. Dark colors are often associated with negative feelings, which is why many people tend to avoid them. 

But the effect of deep colors is not entirely negative, and the mood it makes is not necessarily sullen either. Some people actually prefer incorporating dark colors in their bedroom because it makes the space cozier and encourages sleep.  It’s all about playing with contrast and mixing elements to make dark colors work, without being overwhelming. 

This is where lighting also comes in. Statement lights work well with dark colors because they help create contrast, and when done right, they can definitely bump up the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

We hope that you find these ideas helpful. If you’re looking for furniture pieces to execute the bachelor-themed ideas, we have many high-quality items that can definitely work. 

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