5 Reasons Why a Bedroom Chair Is a Smart Investment

5 Reasons Why a Bedroom Chair Is a Smart Investment

You might ask, is it necessary to have a bedroom chair? While it is not a fundamental piece of furniture, owning in a bedroom chair does have its perks. You might end up making the smart choice to invest in one, and we’ll share with you a few reasons why it is worth it.

1. It delivers the wow factor

Having an accent chair is an excellent way to boost the aesthetics in your bedroom. We normally recommend to keep things neutral in your space of rest. But adding a gorgeous piece of furniture to the mix doesn’t necessarily break the neutrality and balance. If anything, it delivers a visual wow factor, which might just be what you need in this space. 

2. You can have a reading nook

Your bedroom is normally not an active space, and it’s not communal. Plus, it’s relatively more peaceful and quiet than the other rooms in your house, which makes it the ideal place to read. 

Many people read in bed, but it’s also nice to have a separate nook for reading. However relaxing reading might be, it still requires your brain to be active and might affect the quality of your rest. So, reading off the bed, in another corner of the room, helps create a clear distinction that the bed is solely for sleep. 

Having a bedroom chair can definitely establish this special place, and if you love to read, it might be a good idea to have one.

3. It can serve as a vanity chair, too

If you’re going to spend time on your hair and play with your makeup, you might as well do so in luxury with a comfortable chair. You don’t need to have many chairs in your bedroom though, one piece can definitely serve more than one purpose. 

So, instead of investing in a vanity stool or makeup chair, you can perhaps make do with one bedroom chair. A colorful or boldly patterned chair can be the ideal accent to your vanity, including the rest of the bedroom, too. 

4. You have a private space

Having an extra piece of furniture, as simple as a bedroom chair, helps create a special corner in your most private space. This is a lovely place to have, especially if you have kids. You and your partner can enjoy some quiet time alone or talk privately, away from any noise and disturbance. 

5. You get another place to relax

With a bedroom chair, you have an additional space to relax in. You can meditate here or just simply sit and take a minute for yourself. A chair with decorative accents is a pleasant area to enjoy some peace and quiet. And, while you’re at it, light some of your favorite candles to set the mood?

How to Select the Ideal Bedroom Chair

Once you've determined what you'll use your bedroom chair for, you can start with the fun process of choosing the perfect piece for your room. These are some of things that you should do:

Evaluate Your Space

Chairs are available in many sizes, but for you to choose the right one, you need to evaluate your space. The first thing you really need to consider is the size of your bedroom. Factoring in the bed and other existing pieces of furniture in the room, how much space do you actually have left for a bedroom chair? Getting the exact measurement of such space helps determine the kind of chair that you can bring in to your bedroom. 

Choose Your Style

Countless chair types can cater to your desired aesthetic. An armchair makes an excellent choice for a bedroom chair because it makes the whole place seem cozier. A solid wood bench is also a good piece to have in such a space as it is minimal and versatile. 

Here are some of our favorite pieces, which we think might do well as bedroom chairs – and they are all available in our website:


Choose the Color

Chairs are available in an array of colors, some of which can make your space more vibrant. Many people opt to keep their bedroom in neutral and cool colors. But a touch of something bold and stark can make all the difference if you want to improve your space visually. Consider incorporating turquoise, pink, yellow, and warm blues to achieve the effect.

Consider the Fabric

When choosing the fabric, in case you’re opting for a chair that’s covered in one (or at least partly), consider what it will be exposed to on a daily basis. Do you have pets that stay with you in the bedroom? Do you have toddlers running around? 

If you have a family and own pets you may benefit from choosing  a low-maintenance and durable material like leather. Other types of natural fabric such as cotton, linen, and wool are good choices for upholstery, too. But they may require more care, especially when not blended with synthetic fabric. 


In a nutshell, having a bedroom chair is a good idea. It’s not just for adding flare to the space, but also for boosting its functionality. By adding this simple piece to the mix, you’re able to create special areas of rest and relaxation aside from your bed. 

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