Most Popular Interior Design Style in Ohio

Most Popular Interior Design Style in Ohio

What is the most popular design style in your state? Do you notice a distinct vibe from your home state that’s different from the others? Interestingly enough, we tend to associate the style of someone’s home based on where they live—as in chill and eclectic in California, classic and vintage in Connecticut. What about Ohio?

In Ohio, the interior aesthetics that trended in recent years are Modern, French Country, Industrial, and Boho. At least, that’s what the reports say. We got insights from data shared by home goods retailers like Joybird and Living Spaces, which tracked and analyzed interior design trends from Google. We also saw some interesting details from the comparison site

With this mix of info, let’s take a quick rundown of Ohio’s most popular interior design styles. 


According to, Modern peaked in Ohio in the year 2020. It was also the most searched interior design style in 31 other states. Often interchanged with contemporary, “modern” as a style usually refers to the aesthetics that became popular around the mid-twentieth century. 

Characterized by clean lines, natural finishes, good lighting, minimalism, and a subdued color palette, we can see why the modern interior style trended at that time. Its priority is function over form; coincidentally, many of us needed to shift our lifestyle as we went through the lockdowns. 

We had to turn our homes into live and work spaces, and modern interiors probably inspired us to achieve it. A space free from clutter and excessive decor allowed us to function better while cooped up indoors. 

French Country

Another interior style that trended in Ohio in 2021 is French Country. And it’s no wonder why it did. We’ve been seeing the steady rise of farmhouse and cottagecore lately. French country is in a similar aesthetic lane, which is probably why it also became popular. Don’t get us wrong, these charming and rustic interior styles may seem to have resurged recently, but they have always been around.

A French country interior balances elegance and rustic coziness, essentially farmhouse chic with an added flare of casual sophistication. But the homely appeal is perhaps what attracted people mostly because it was the pandemic, and some of us might have longed for simpler days. We probably tried to create cozy homes for ourselves, this time, with amped elegance through upholstered chairs with cabriole legs, toile fabric, exposed beams, and a freestanding bathtub. 


Based on the data shared by Joybird, Industrial is the most popular interior design style in Ohio this year. From the cozy farmhouse aesthetic, the people’s style preference might have shifted to a more modern vibe. This said, an industrial interior style may seem dominantly contemporary but has roots in the Industrial Revolution. 

The most distinctive feature of an industrial home design is probably the exposed architectural elements—bare light bulbs, concrete floors, brick walls, and visible pipes or metal work. Another notable element is using repurposed materials around the home, like a coffee table made of reclaimed wood, shelves held by industrial pipes, or wooden trolleys with castor wheels.  


Industrial is not the only style that reigned supreme in 2022. According to the data shared by Living Spaces, Boho emerged as the most popular interior design style in Ohio this year. Most of the states where Boho trended are near the ocean, and experts at Living Spaces attributed the trend as a manifestation of the laidback seaside lifestyle. Lake Erie is certainly not the ocean, but maybe it also counts.

Boho, short for bohemian, is more like a way of life rather than an interior design style. But as such, it’s characterized as an eclectic style, without the limitation of rules, where creativity and maximalism thrive. Expect these in a Bohemian home: varied colors and textures, mismatched patterns and textiles, unconventional decor, and unique furniture. Anything goes. 

Timeless Elements

Modern, French country, Industrial, and Boho. As you already know, these interior design styles are distinctly different. But they are also similar in a few ways. They flaunt the natural, especially when it comes to wood and metal. Furniture and decor with honest character and history also have a place in homes with these aesthetics. Perhaps, all these tell us that some elements in our homes can stand the test of time, whatever the trend may be.

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