A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Armchair

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Armchair

An armchair is one of the best furniture pieces that you could invest in for your home. Imagine sinking into this comfy seat after a long day at work, perhaps with an evening drink as you sit back and relax. 

Choosing an armchair that makes you comfortable, fits your personal style, and matches your interior space could be quite a challenge. An armchair, after all, is not only a place to lounge in, but it can also be a statement piece in your home.

In choosing the perfect armchair, it pays to consider several key elements. Here, we guide you in answering some questions that will help you make the worthy armchair purchase. 

What is the purpose of this armchair?

Before choosing an armchair to buy for your living space, you should be very clear on the purpose of buying it. 

Are you buying this armchair so that you can have a relaxing space to chill and reflect? Or is this armchair intended to treat visitors with warm hospitality? Perhaps you are buying one just to spice up your room.

The style and level of comfort of the armchair you intend to buy should match its purpose. Hence, it is very important to clarify why you are buying one.

How comfortable do you want that armchair to be?

For many, the comfort an armchair brings is the primary aspect to consider prior to making a purchase. 

There are a few attributes that make an armchair comfortable. At the onset, an armchair is ideally well-padded. The firmness of the padding is a personal preference, whatever makes sitting on it feel like a relaxing experience. 

Apart from the padding, there are also other elements to take into account when we talk about how comfortable an armchair is. We need to consider the height of the arms and the height and width of the backrest. It should also be able to support anyone's weight and shouldn’t make a horrible screeching sound when someone sits on it.

Are the armchair's height and width just right?

Another vital aspect of an armchair's comfort is its height and width.

With the exception of armchairs meant to go along with coffee tables, the perfect armchair should allow your feet to rest comfortably on the floor. 

The perfect armchair also has enough space. It should not feel tight or suffocating when you sit on it. Ideally, it should have ample space for you to move around with ease.

What type of fabric is your armchair made of?

An armchair is not a cheap purchase, so we hope that it lasts a lifetime just as much as you want to use it more often. Hence, the fabric of the armchair is also a key consideration.

A chair’s fabric should match your comfort needs as well as your layout. Take note that there are certain fabrics that are more susceptible to holding dust and dirt. Other fabrics are also prone to staining. There are also fabrics that may cause allergic reactions in people like cotton and wool. 

A leather armchair is typically a safe choice for those who are just starting their armchair journey. 

Are you considering color and design?

An armchair could be a good statement piece in a living space. Armchairs could be stylish and creative while retaining their basic element of comfort.

One way of elevating your armchair from a simple piece of furniture to a statement piece is by opting for colored armchairs. Choosing neutrals is always a safe choice while going for the colorful route is a bolder move.

Consider colors that complement the furnishing and styling you already have at home. You can also choose playful patterns or a more unconventional material for added texture like rattan.

Do you know where to buy an armchair?

When you have evaluated your intent behind the armchair purchase, one question remains: Do you know where to buy an armchair?

There are different types and brands of armchairs and looking for the perfect piece could be a bit overwhelming. That is why it is also important to choose a brand that produces good quality armchairs.

T.Y. Fine Furniture has a selection of stylish armchairs from brands like Stressless, American Leather, and IMG Comfort. These brands guarantee quality plus their armchairs, including the other signature pieces they produce, are free from the most common harmful chemicals that are usually found in fast furniture. 

When you’re ready to purchase an armchair, remember the guide questions. They can certainly guide you in choosing an armchair that is perfect for your home and your needs.

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