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What to Expect When Buying New Furniture

Are you excited about bringing in new furniture to spruce up your home? While it can be a thrilling experience, there are certain things you need to consider before bringing in any new pieces. From navigating tight doorways to arranging the furniture in the most optimal way, there are a few things you should expect when bringing in new furniture at home.

New Furniture Might Not Fit Your Space Seamlessly

Even when you’ve done the job—measuring the room and the piece you want to buy—sometimes, the furniture won’t fit your space as you imagine. This situation tends to happen with the living room furniture you buy online. Perhaps, the sofa has bulkier arms than expected, and maybe the chaise extends longer than it says on the product dimensions. 

While online furniture stores may seem like a dream come true, brace yourself because mistakes can still happen. You might still observe discrepancies from pieces you buy from an actual store.

When that couch arrives, and it’s bigger than described on the website, don’t panic. Take a deep breath. It’s frustrating, we know, but it’s part of the risk. If you’re lucky, the store may have a friendly return policy. 

And sometimes, the problem is not the size but the furniture’s color or overall look that doesn’t go well with your entire space. So, for major pieces of furniture, like a sofa or bed frame, take your time and think things through before you order.

Quick Tip: Always check store policies, especially on returns and refunds, before you buy the product.

Quality Might Be Different as You Imagine

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When buying new furniture, especially online, it helps to remember that the quality might be different from what you were expecting. Buying furniture online can be tricky because it’s hard to tell how well a piece is made without actually seeing and touching it first. The materials and construction may seem good on the website but look very different (sadly, cheap sometimes) in real life. 

Quick Tip: Ask for samples. Many stores can send out samples of materials like wood and textile. With samples, you get to see and feel the material before you order the actual furniture. 

T.Y. Fine Furniture offers a wood sample kit, which you can order here

You Might Have to Assemble It Yourself

When you receive your new furniture, you likely have to assemble it yourself. Set aside time to put your furniture together unless you buy from a store with assembly included or a local furniture maker that does in-home assembly.

Assembling furniture yourself seems daunting, and we understand. But don’t worry—most furniture stores provide manuals with clear instructions.

At T.Y. Furniture, we create pieces for quick shipment and easy assembly. If you’re anywhere within or near Columbus, Ohio, we can assemble the furniture for you.

Delivery Can Take A While

You might expect furniture to arrive at your doorstep within a few days. But brace yourself—delivery can take some time. This applies to furniture bought online or in-store.

Depending on where your furniture is shipped from and the product availability, the delivery may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Sometimes, even when you buy a piece in-store, it may still take a while for a few reasons. One, the furniture on display isn’t in stock and may take a while to build. Second, the furniture maker needs time to cater to any customization requests. 

At T.Y. Fine Furniture, for example, our pieces are made to order. We take pride in our handcrafted furniture, which is meticulously crafted with traditional joinery. Each piece is lovingly created, taking about four weeks (or less) to ensure the utmost quality. We believe in providing our customers with an exceptional experience, where every detail is carefully considered and crafted to perfection.

Getting Furniture Inside Is Tougher Than You Think

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It’s easy to get caught up in the details of finding the perfect piece. But when it’s time to bring your new furniture home and get it inside, that can be a different story. Getting furniture inside your space actually requires careful planning—on how it goes through the doors and stairs—especially if you’re buying a sofa. You need to measure both your home and the sofa to prevent issues. You may also have to go over your floor plan to prepare. 

Quick Tip: Our article, How To Measure Your Home To Perfectly Fit Your Sofa, might help you.

Another thing. If you don’t want to lug a large piece of furniture from the store to your house, look into the store’s delivery options before purchasing. Customers can choose from various delivery options at most furniture stores depending on their needs and budget. The most convenient option is having people deliver from the store to the room you want your furniture in. 

With New Furniture, You Must Invest

When you decide to invest in new furniture, expect it to cost you. High-quality furniture isn’t cheap. The question is, should you buy new furniture at a low cost from accessible furniture sellers? Or should you invest in high-quality pieces from artisans that last for decades? 

Get quality furniture within your budget, but try to focus on quality. A bargain sectional you want to buy now might cost you more when the upholstery rips or cushions give way in a few months.

Generally, it’s important to consider your overall budget, the quality of the furniture, and the long-term value it will bring. To start, assess your budget carefully. Consider how much you can afford to invest in long-lasting pieces and whether it is viable for your budget.

On top of this, look into different stores and brands that sell high-quality furniture at reasonable prices. This helps you narrow down the selection of furniture that falls within your price range.

Quick Tip: Check out this article, Why High-Quality Furniture is Worth the Investment.

Final Thoughts

We’re not trying to scare you. Furniture shopping is fun, but it might serve you well to have realistic expectations. And don’t rush. Take time to weigh your options, especially if you’re buying essential pieces like sofas and bed frames. These basic items matter and can make all the difference in how comfortable and inviting your home feels. 


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