Carved iPhone Case: An Honest Review

Carved iPhone Case: An Honest Review

Beautiful, handmade, and eco-friendly, Carved hits all the marks in my criteria for phone cases. I started using one for my Iphone 12 Pro max a few weeks ago, and I’m surprisingly impressed by its quality and workmanship.

It’s my first time having anything from Carved, although I saw ads on their phone cases months ago. I’m pretty sure some people are curious, too, but are hesitant to purchase them. Since I’ve been using the case for a while now, I thought about sharing an honest review. It might help anyone who wants to know more.



My Carved phone case looks fantastic, as with all the other products from the brand. This very feature hooked me: beautiful swirling colors surrounding the rich wood. Colored resin and wood burl (the gnarly growth on tree trunks) produces a stunning effect when crafted well the way Carved does.

Wood and resin form the case’s back, and its sides are lined with rubber so you can easily pop your phone in. Aesthetically, the phone case has a premium design.

Once I had my case, I got compliments on it almost daily, and I noticed my family and friends wanting to buy one after seeing mine. You’ll see why if you check out the other designs on their website.

Durability and Protection

It’s a solid phone case. I can say this much in the few months I’ve been using it. The material overall feels durable and well-made. You might think that wood made this thin for a phone case doesn’t hold up well. But every piece of wood that Carved uses is stabilized, which basically means they have a process to make the material stronger. The case is thick enough to protect the phone, and the slightly raised side rubber helps secure the screen during a fall.

I put my case to very heavy use because I spend most of my days in a woodshop (or another manufacturing environment because of my furniture business). I was really anticipating the wood case chipping or cracking or failing in some way. But it’s held up remarkably well. 

I personally think you don’t have to worry about durability. Still, if something happens to your phone case, Carved offers repair or replacement within one year of purchase.

Grip and Feel

The phone case is made from wood, so I expected it to be bulky. I don’t think it is. While it’s not necessarily a bulky case, it’s still thicker than slim cases. Think of it this way. It’s not as thin as "invisible” protective cases but not as thick as heavy-duty shockproof cases.

It’s not only in design that the phone case looks premium. It feels great on the hand, too. You can undoubtedly tell by touch that the product is sturdy and high-quality. But this is something I already expected because it’s handcrafted.

The case is not slippery, with just enough grip to keep it in my hand and pockets. But it also doesn’t stick the way some silicone cases do. One thing I really like about my case is the buttons.

Distinct Features

Sustainable and Locally Made

All phone cases are made in a workshop at Elkhart, Indiana, USA. They’re made from wood burls, which are responsibly sourced and harvested. Carved avoids cutting down trees and tries to stay eco-friendly.

Always Unique

Carved cases feel better and different from cheaper knockoff models–and they can’t be replicated. The one I got will remain unique and exclusive to me because no two cases from Carved are identical.

The design may seem similar, but it’s unlikely that one case looks the same as another. This is the case when you use wood. The wood’s shape, cut, and grain varies each time, affecting how resin interacts with the material.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The eco-friendly packaging is a nice touch. Carved partnered with Braverly in Thailand to design and make some of the canvas bags that the phone cases are shipped in. Braverly is a café and sewing center that provides safe, fair-paying jobs to empower local women along the Thai-Myanmar border.


Carved actually sent me the phone case to sample. I have had a great experience with it so far, although I haven’t tested how it does with water. But I can definitely see myself buying another Carved case in the future. Quality is top-notch, and aesthetically, each phone case is simply stunning. The brand also offers MagSafe-compatible cases, if you’re wondering.

My verdict: Carved phone cases are worth it. They are beautiful, unique, durable, and built from more mindful and sustainable practices. Considering my daily routine and work environment, I haven’t seen any significant damage to my phone case yet. 

While it’s true they are more expensive than many other phone cases you find online, you’re paying for handcrafted quality. This opportunity doesn’t come very often these days. 

NOTE: Featured image from Carved

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